Administrative Law
Civil Law
Sports Law
Tax Law
Real estate and building law
Private International Law
Commercial Law
Foundations and Associations
Accounts Management
Intellectual property, Image rights, E-Commerce and Data Protection




Procedural Law

All kinds of disputes linked to the Law firm's business:

Legal action due to unfair competition.

Legal action concerning protection of intellectual property.

Mortgage pay default. Evictions.

Complaints concerning quantities and damages.

Breach of contract.

Expiry and cancellation of contracts.

Liability actions.

Company disputes.

Court cases brought against the public administration.

Setting up of Foundations and Associations 

Drafting of Articles of association, establishment of governing bodies, determination of beneficiaries, structuring of the internal organisation, etc.

Permanent line providing legal, taxation, labour and accounting advice to trustees and other governing bodies of these organisations.

Exercising the functions of Secretariat of the Boards of trustees of Foundations, drafting of contracts, appeals, certificates, etc.

Lodging Declarations of Public Utility of Associations.

Negotiating and drafting Sponsorship and Patronage contracts.

Preparing the Strategic Plan of bodies in the charity sector.