Administrative Law
Civil Law
Sports Law
Tax Law
Real estate and building law
Private International Law
Procedural Law
Foundations and Associations
Accounts Management
Intellectual property, Image rights, E-Commerce and Data Protection




Commercial Law

Apart from the specific advice it can offer on problems or issues, it can also take on company's accounting, employment and commercial tasks.

Company law

Assessment, legal advice and overall assistance to companies with customers, suppliers and consumers.

Setting up of companies, working and adoption of agreements by decision-making bodies, drafting and revision of articles of association of all kinds of companies, capital increases and decreases, winding up, dissolution, company reorganisations, mergers, splits, absorptions, company transformations, setting up of branches, acquisitions, purchase and sale of shares, legal audits, exercising of shareholders' and members' rights, contracts between members, co-operation agreements between companies, joint ventures, assessment, legal advice ( Due Diligence) and help in negotiating the purchase and sale of firms, companies and company assets, etc.

Family businesses

Advice in structuring and organising family groups and their relations, organisation and planning of corporate succession; Planning, optimising and legal and taxation advice on the company capital, by family agreements.

Contractual matters

Negotiating and drafting of all types of commercial contracts: distribution, agency, franchises, supply, loans, sale, manufacture, advertising, new technologies, guarantees, etc.


Unfair competition and defence of competition.

Corporate responsibility

For faulty products.

Foreign Trade.

Advertising Law.

Bankruptcy Law.

Advice on companies in crisis and the organised liquidation of firms in receivership using bankruptcy proceedings when the company is facing serious difficulties.

Advice on negotiating with creditors to avoid bankruptcy.

Advice to companies that are creditors of companies that are temporarily or definitively insolvent.

Consumer rights

Advice to companies on consumer rights affecting the manufacture of products and services and sales activities.